March 13, 2012

Master of Ceremonies Workshop in Phoenix


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Early flight this morning to Phoenix to attend Mark Ferrell's conference , "Bronze Level Wedding MC". Mark has been a mentor for many years, however, I've never had the opportunity to attend any of his workshops until now. I'm excited to meet 7 other DJ's / Wedding Hosts from around the country. Not only is this superb way to network with those in my industry, I get to polish those skills that allow me to be an effective speaker and representative of a couple's special day. I'm excited to attend!

About the author 


Santiago (aka "Jimmy" or James) Naranjo has been performing as DJ since 1988, when he opened his first DJ business under the name, "DJ Light & Magic". In 2008, Santiago opened under a new business name and has specialized in weddings ever since. Originally from Socorro, New Mexico, Santiago currently resides with his partner and little Cha-wiener dog, Tito, in Bellevue Washington. He graduated from NMSU in 2003 with a B.A. in English and Spanish, and a few years he obtained an M.A. in Literature. His hobbies include performing magic, public speaking (he is a member of 2 Toastmaster clubs), and bicycling.

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