Mobile DJ Agreement

THIS CONTRACT entered into on Date, between DJLM, LLC herein referred to as the “Talent” and [NAME], the authorized agent for the undersigned Purchaser of Disc Jockey (DJ) Service, herein referred to as the “Responsible Party.” The Responsible Party agrees to be bound severally and individually by the terms and conditions herein.


Talent agrees to provide sound equipment, recorded music, and Disc Jockey / master of ceremonies talent at the event described as, [EVENTNAME], taking place on [DATE], between the hours of [STARTING TIME - ENDING TIME]. The event will take place at, [VENUE]. The address is, [ADDRESS].

Any additional considerations will be described below in, “Special Provisions”.


The fee for mobile DJ services, Master of Ceremonies, planning, and / or consultation will be referred to as “Fee for Service[s]”. Any fees in association with this agreement are calculated in US Dollars, and should be paid in US Dollars. Any additional fee[s] outside the fee for service shall include, but are not limited to: the cost of travel, lodging, board, and / or additional equipment rental (ie. lighting, power generator rental, etc...). The Responsible Party assumes all responsibilities for proper payment of any applicable music public performance license fees.

Fee for services is $0
Sales tax is $0
Discount $0
Total fee for services is $0
Transaction Fee: $0
Additional fees: $0
Booking fee paid on [DATE] for [$AMOUNT]
Balance of [$AMOUNT] due by or before [DATE]

If additional service hours beyond those contracted should be desired by the Responsible Party, and if the Talent is available to perform additional hours, then such additional service hours may, at the Talent’s option, be provided at the rate of $249 for each additional half hour, or any part thereof, subject to payment in advance for all such extended service hours.


The initial booking fee is the amount paid to guarantee, or “lock in,” the date and times for performance. The Initial booking bee is nonrefundable.

If payment is check or money order, make payable to DJLM, LLC. The person signing this contract affirms that he or she is at least eighteen years of age and accepts full responsibility and liability under the terms of this contract. Any revisions to this agreement must be agreed upon in advance by both the Responsible Party and the Talent prior to signature.


In certain cases, entertainment services provided by the Talent will be directed toward, and for the exclusive benefit of the host or benefactor of the event (ie: bride or groom), and not necessarily the Responsible Party. Direction given to the Talent by the host, benefactor, and / or the Responsible Party will be interpreted and executed at the discretion of the Talent.

Talent’s execution of the terms and conditions within this agreement are subject to the Talent’s ability to do so when not impaired by death, serious illness, accidents, unexpected mechanical failures, or Acts of God. In these instances, advance payments made by the Responsible Party shall be refunded in full.


Responsible Party shall be charged $55 for each bounced check plus a $7.50 service charge for each collection notice. Any outstanding balance is due in full at least 10 business days prior to the event, as stated above. Credit card payment, electronic money transfers, and / or all checks must be cleared by or before the due date as indicated in section I above. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, cashiers check, credit card, money order, or electronic money transfers (Zelle preferred). An additional 4% fee will be added for payments made by credit card. Personal checks will NOT be accepted on day of event.

The Responsible Party and the Talent agree that this contract is not subject to cancellation unless both parties have agreed to such cancellation in writing. The Responsible Party shall be liable for the entire outstanding balance, including the initial booking fee, unless services are canceled a minimum of 60 days in writing before date of event.


The Responsible Party agrees to defend, indemnify, assume liability for and hold the Talent, or any of his agents harmless from any claims, damages, losses and expenses by or to any person, regardless of the basis, which pertains directly or indirectly to DJLM.

In the event of a dispute, both parties agree such matter will be litigated in small claims court and subject to the laws of King County, Washington. If an attorney is employed to protect the rights of either party, the losing party will pay the fee of the prevailing attorney, fixed at 30-percent of the amount claimed or the fee for service amount as agreed upon on Section II of this contract, whichever is greater, plus all court costs, if any. The Responsible Party further agrees that the Talent is not liable for any amount greater than the total sum itemized in section II above.

Severability. The invalidity of any portion of this Agreement will not and shall not be deemed to affect the validity of any other provision. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, the parties agree that the remaining provisions shall be deemed to be in full force and effect as if they had been executed by both parties subsequent to the expungement of the invalid provision.

No Waiver.  The failure of either party to this Agreement to insist upon the performance of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, or the waiver of any breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, shall not be construed as subsequently waiving any such terms and conditions, but the same shall continue and remain in full force and effect as if no such forbearance or waiver had occurred.


It is agreed that any rendering (audio, visual or otherwise) can be obtained, utilized, published, and / or manipulated by the Talent for the purposes of publicity, included but not limited to the use in website, brochures, and displays. The Responsible Party consents to release any images of this event to the Talent. The Responsible Party furthers consents to possible third-party photographer / videographer, as hired by the Talent, to provide services in tandem with primary photographer / videographer for purposes stated above. The Responsible Party agrees to make clear to primary photographer / videographer that their captures of this event may be requested by, and hereby released to the Talent for purposes of publicity. Any and all costs of such release, from primary photography / videography to Talent is the sole responsibility of Responsible Party.


It is understood that if this is a "Rain or Shine" event, the Talent compensation is in no way adversely affected by inclement weather. The Talent reserves the right to stop or cancel the performance should the weather pose a potential danger to self, equipment, or audience. Every effort will be made to continue the performance; however, safety is paramount in all decisions. Any decision regarding the continuation of services will remain at the sole discretion of the Talent.


\Responsible Party shall provide the Talent and his staff with safe and appropriate working conditions. The Responsible Party shall ensure a 10-by 15-foot setup area and have available two 110-volt 20-amp circuits within 20 feet, along the wall, of performance area. These circuits must be free of all other connected loads. Any delay in the performance or damage to DJLM's equipment due to improper power is the responsibility of the Responsible Party. The Responsible Party agrees to pay any additional charges imposed by the venue. These charges may include, but are not limited to the use of electric power, special permits (ie: haze or fog use), parking, and / or WiFi access.

In the event of an outdoor performance, the Responsible Party shall ensure overhead shelter, and a flat hard surface for setup area.

The Responsible Party shall notify appropriate venue personnel to ensure that Talent shall have access to facilities of engagement a minimum of 180 minutes before the beginning of the event in order to set-up and a minimum of 90 minutes after performance to breakdown equipment and leave venue.


In the event of circumstances deemed to present a threat or implied threat of injury or harm to the Talent, his staff, or any equipment, the Talent reserves the right to cease performance. Responsible Party shall be responsible for payment in full, regardless of whether the situation is resolved or whether the Talent resumes performance. In order to prevent equipment damage or liability arising from accidental injury to any individual attending this performance, the Talent reserves the right to deny any guest access to the sound system, music recordings, or other equipment.

It is further agreed that the Responsible Party shall be held liable for any injury or damages to The Talent, DJLM staff, or property while on the premises of said event, whether damage is caused by Responsible Party or guest, engagement invitees, employees, or any other party in attendance, whether invited or not.


Engagements within King County will not be assessed a travel charge. Services requiring travel outside of this area will be charged at $0.75 per mile. Engagements in excess of 40 miles of Bellevue, Washington will require overnight accommodations and meals for one day prior, and one day after the date of the event. Responsible Party shall make boarding arrangements at nearest possible lodging venue to the event location. Any and all cost for boarding shall be arranged directly between Responsible Party and lodging venue. Responsible Party shall reimburse DJLM for any and all meal receipts, not exceeding $45 per day / per person, for days spanning one day prior to, through one day after the event indicated in said contract herein.


No additional considerations are included in the above stated agreement.

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